Friday, October 05, 2007

Regarding PSCI issue again.

Here's a blog posting dedicated to Newbie.

Now I am writing this hoping to clear the issues you had mentioned about it on PSCI.

Well, I am confused.

You had said the following.

Now there's two issues here. Firstly, I have not conversed and neither had I had much dialogue with you, except the one time you asked me about Megan ( Answers to Questions On Megan ). So I do find it strange that you mentioned that you had 'argued' with me on BHIC (PSCI). (Anyway, I would rather use discuss and share opinions. Arguments on the net? Not much point is there? :) )

So when did i first blog on PSCI? April 6th 2007. Regarding PSCi (no comments posted on that blog posting).

Anyway, in the blog posting, all I did was state the dire financial stress PSCI was in AT THAT MOMENT of time. Were those comments unfair?

Now despite the clear dire position PSCI was in, a rescue package was put in place.

And I ended that blog posting with the following series of questions:

Those were the key issues.

Now I do believe that you realise that I am a mere blogger and I am not an investment advisor or any sort.

Meaning to say, I offer no one any guarantee card here. There is no 'pink borang to isi' if and when anyone buys or sells any shares I blogged on.

So this is to say, I do not owe anyone anything and neither does the reader owe me anything.

So those were the questions raised.

A rescue package was placed on PSCI. Would PSCI as a company come out any better?

Here's how PSCI or BHIC performed after its rescue package. Quarterly rpt on consolidated results for the financial period ended 30/6/2007

A quarterly earnings of 1.502 million out a revenue of 27.548 million.

A brand new clean start.

But so far there is only one quarterly earnings for this new born BHIC. Would anyone dare lay judgement on BHIC right now? I wouldn't. Simply for there isn't enough data.

So how?

I laid no judgement back then on PSCI except stating the mere bare facts. PSCI was a company in financial distress which had a rescue package in motion.

Which is why I find it so very strange that you declared my comments lousy.

The very next day, i wrote on my other blog, this posting: Is there a possible trading entry now for PSCi?

And as stated, I DID see there existed a viable trading reasoning. Trade this stock based on the fact that a rescue package has been put into motion.

And in that blog posting, I did a detailed study on the reaction of the stock.


  • If that is the case, I think it makes perfect cow sense if the Moo Moo cow focus on this rescue package. This rescue package is first announced on 6th Nov 2006. ( here )

    So let's look the chart and see what happened then. Important issue that needs to be addressed is did the market react to this rescue package.

And then I tried to think think from a trading perspective. (LOL! Now I am sure you do understand that I am no trader, hence large doses of garam is required here.)

  • Two possible entries have been noted.

    If this two entries weren't taken... how? The Moo Moo Cow reckons he should call it a pass at this moment of time. The best entry is gone.

    The Moo Moo Cow reckons it isn't groovy to enter a rising stock just to be one of them traders in the stock. Just does not make cow sense to the Moo Moo Cow. Don't you agree?

    And doesn't the price/volume indicate a potential divergence?

    And what's next?

    Remember the rescue package would involve capital reduction and rights issue. Approval is also required from its shareholders. Much could still happen.

    And at this moment of time... the Moo Moo Cow simply reckons it's best not try to be a hero.

    So time for the Moo Moo Cow to stay on the side line and enjoy gracing the grass.

At that moment of time, two previous good entry was noted. However at that moment of time, I saw no viable entry. So I called it a pass. Now I do hope that you do not equate calling a pass on the stock and not trying to be a hero, a set of lousy comments, right?

I then followed up with chart updates postings: Chart Update of PSCI 10th April 2007 and another one, Closing day chart for PSCi.

  • PSCi closed the day at 0.51. Do you see an interesting entry setup or would you want to wait???

And the next chart update was posted, Chart Update of PSCI 11th April 2007.

  • If one was like the Moo Moo Cow watching the stock on the side, one is waiting for a possible entry.

    Well, the Moo Moo Cow thinks he was extremely fortunate that he wasn't in this stock. And if the Moo Moo Cow was on the other side, hoping for more upsides, well the Moo Moo Cow reckons that this is an extremely dangerous game to play cos hoping won't get the cow very far in trading!

    PSCI last traed at 11.48 am at 49 sen. Is 46 sen possible? Wonder what's the reaction of the stock then?

Stock was correcting at that moment of time. Were those comments unfair?

However, since I am no trader, I made some mistakes on the chart posting itself. And I corrected it here, Opening day chart of PSCi at 12th April 07

Anyway, since I am no trader, I did not have the time to watch PSCI all the time. So I had to make a decision on these serious of posting. See PSCI: Decision Time. Date: April 12th 2007.

Let me reproduce the chart again.

  • Does the Moo Moo Cow want to continue waiting and observing PSCI? Be patient and wait for the opportunity.

    Or does the Moo Moo Cow think it's time to call it a day on PSCi? Let's move on. Let's not waste any more time on the stock and flip the channel? Surely, there are much better stocks out there in the stock market, right?

    Yeah, the Moo Moo Cow thinks its time to move on.... so no more PSCi postings for the time being.

I made a decision to stop posting on PSCI back then. PSCI closed the day at 0.465. And I made a review of this decision 8 days later on April 20th 2007. Review of Decisions Made

Here was the chart of PSCI then.

So let's do an audit.

My first blog on PSCI was on April 6th 2007. PSCI closed that day at 0.505.

I ended my 'trading' updates on April 12th 2007. PSCI closing price then was 0.465. (Lowest traded price was at 0.43)

On April 20th 2007, that day I reviewed my decision to stop blogging on PSCI. PSCI closed that day at 0.435. (Lowest traded price on that day was 0.41).

Now obviously PSCI has done super duper well once on the rescue package was completed.

How? I noted that a trading option was viable. But I saw no entry. And after many days, I decided to stop blogging on it.

So seriously.. if these set of my comments of mine were lousy... then yeah... they sure were lousy.

But how come you did not comment on these comments then?

If you had your reasoning or your doubts on why my postings were faulty in anyway, and considering the fact that you had known me for so many years now, why did you not share your view points with me directly then?

Anyway... this issue is but passed.

I do hope this posting clear the air for all.



newbie said...

Dear Moola,

I admitted i had a different view on Megan with you previously, but it was just merely a positive "arguement", aha..

Further, i got no idea who's the one using the nick 'newbie' to argue with you regarding BHIC, i got no any idea about this stock as well.


Moola said...

Dear Newbie,

My apologies to you. This posting was not intended for you if you are not that same Newbie.