Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apollo Food's'Investments' In The Share Market

I had posted on local company dabbling in the share markets recently and as posted in the following posting, Listed Companies Investments: Yung Kong Galvanised Steel , I made the following remarks.

  • I have always felt uneasy seeing our local listed companies dabbling with their excess money. Sometimes they invest in the share market and sometimes they just invest! And one of the most disturbing issue is that there is ZERO transparency!
Today, I came across the following announcement from Apollo Food Holdings. Now I would applaud Apollo Food Holdings for being transparent.

See APOLLO FOOD HOLDINGS BERHAD ("APOLLO" or "the Company") - Dealing in quoted shares (Do click on the excel file attached!!! )

However, let me stress again, I am uneasy with Apollo Food's involvement in the share market.

Excess money should be return to the shareholders and I do not think it's right that this company should be dabbling in the stock market.


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