Monday, October 27, 2008

Regarding KNM's Sell Down!

Blogged the other day. KNM Comments About BTimes Article

Got one interesting set of comments.

  • Naruto said...
    THE SHARES WERE SOLD BY FINANCIER WHICH IS NOW RESOLVED. How was this resolved? By company Share Buybacks? By Mr Lee's own purchase? Or by Financier's repurchase? And the announcement did not disclose the actual problem of this financier, whether the disposal is purely margin call, financier liquidation due to credit crisis or actual share disposal by shareholder.

Yes, this is also why I am lost here.

Mr. Lee has gone massive length in attempting to made a point over the size of EPF's shareholding stake and the PE yardstick but as pointed out by Naruto..

1. What about the massive 'disposal of shares sold down by financer' on Inter Merger Sdn Bhd the other day?

2. How's this resolved?

3. Why did the sell down happened?

4. And that share buyback.. the timing of the buybacks and the selldown simply arouses suspicion, yes?

5. Shouldn't Mr. Lee directly address these issues, instead?


Anyone got any answers?