Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And The Spamming Blogger Strikes Yet Again!

I got a comment on the posting FA vs TA: Mine One Better Than Yours One!! which I deleted.

However, I decided to make this posting.

You see, I have a slight problem.

I wonder how shall I address okating or shall I address IT as Samgoss?

In case you might have forgotten, the following posting shall acts as a refresher.


Do give it a click.

Which of course was highlighted in the posting Spamming Blogger Caught Red Handed

Well let me re-paste here again.

  • Samgoss aka okating, I do have some comments for you.

    Do you know it's rather pointless in what you are doing?

    Do you?

    Do you need to use two names to win your argument? ( And you know very well that we know you are using more than two names. )

    Do you?

    Do try to understand this picture.

    The english in it is not too difficult to understand.

Do GROW UP and STOP SPAMMING my blog too!

Do you actually feel proud doing what you do?


Seng said...

Hi Moo,

Just a short comment here, that your blog is one of the few blogs that I regularly follows, even though I am no longer trading nor blogging on the Malaysian market scene this year .......

Originally, I wanted to drop you a note here, but that quickly became a long comment, hence, I am commenting that here in my blog - http://fusioninvestor.blogspot.com/2009/06/and-spamming-blogger-strikes-yet-again.html

I'm sure you already know this, but to me, the "spam" (which is really a poorly disguised form of slandering, allegations and personal attack) is really a reflection of Sam's pain and suffering, rather than yours. It reflects his pains, his inadequacies and his lack of control of his pain, so much so, that he has turned it into an automatic Pavlov's like response. Anyway, I explained it in a bit more detail in my blog.

Again, keep up the GREAT work. And in due time, I am sure the quality of your articles will get even better!

random said...

the evil spammer strikes again!


Moolah said...


Many thanks for your extremely long write.

Here's my short comment.

I simply cannot understand. Is the beast within the stock market that one needs to insist that they are the best?

Why the need to impress?

And I would pretty much agree with what you had said in your posting.

ps: I actually do have tons of un-read comments spammed. A couple of them, were truly degrading.

ps: Do take care. :D

Seng said...

Hi Moo,

You're welcome. Just wanted to see some healing generally, and to make sure you are alright.

On the topic of the beast, I'm sure you know that it's human nature. All of us - myself included - also have a beast hiding somewhere inside us, just waiting for the right moment to emerge .......

I am not trying to endorse nor condone such destructive behaviour - I never will. But when human beings suffer a prolonged, cumulative and extreme pain without being able to see a way out, when we are mentally stuck and cannot let the old view go, the end result is typical. Even the most trivial issues will be more than sufficient to unleash the "beast".

Then, we see otherwise normal, reasonable or intelligent people inexplicably going on a self-destructive path, and we as a society act surprised, when we shouldn't be ...

Anyway, this is a fascinating topic, but for a comment, it's getting too long again and I don't want to write another article .... :)

Take care!


Moolah said...

LOL! Yeah, I am sure that you know that we ware well aware that you have been lazy in your writings. :P

Yeah, it's all human nature.

Seen it all before. ;)

Like I said, the stock market does do strange things to some folks.

Have you not seen perfectly normal folks turning into beast when someone else points the fact that perhaps they made an error within their stock selection? They turned defensive and even go to the extent of attacking.

Which is rather understandable. Their money is at stake. How could they allow anyone to badmouth their stock picks?