Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Is Our Stock Market Doing?


Market so 'panas'!!!

How now my dearest?

Care to join the fun?

Or are you simply desire-less?


random said...

volume not as strong as the really in may-june.. then how?

Moolah said...



where did they go?

who telan it all?

what's happening?

how much higher can it go without volume (some call it fuel)?

There you have it....

the who, what, how, where and why.

* whistle *

Digital said...

Well, Dow broke the 9000 and tomorrow (Friday) KLCI will go higher. Basically no volume because funds manager are not in the market...current low volume is done by how high can it go...well...your guess is as good as everyone else guess.

hhc1977 said...


1)Current run is mainly from 30 big caps.
2)A better approach is to look at overall value traded.
3)Low volume doesnt mean it's bad rally. It must be looked upon in holistic manner.
4)It will be hard not to trade upward where Nikkie, HS and whatno are having a field day.
5)If the market surged in volume again, then it might be the time to take a rest.

random said...

ya HK also reaching 20k already..

do not argue with the market eh?

Moolah said...


:: do not argue with the market eh?

==>>> If no one argues then what's left for one to do?

random said...

go with the flow

wander into the meander

ride the trend

play hop scotch with the bull

yadda yadda

Moolah said...

Would you not want to feed the gold fish?

random said...

i don have gold fish :(

Moolah said...

You do not need to go to a pet shop to buy fish you know.

Some say you can get plenty of fish from the market.

You know which market they are talking about?

You know what fish they sell?

CP said...

Is water-fish a fish too? Hehe


Moolah said...

If water fish is not a fish what is?