Friday, July 31, 2009

So Why Is IOI Corp Raising RM 1.2 Billion?

Posted this morning: IOI Corp: If Investors Are Not Happy

Saw some extra comments made on the Financial Edge Daily's version: IOI’s Lee: Dividend payouts not in jeopardy

  • On the use of the RM1.2 billion proceeds, Lee said, “The funds will be kept for investment opportunities.”

    On whether any investment targets had been identified, he said: “Not yet. When we have, we’ll let you know.”


Raise fund so that they can have extra cash?????

Holy cow!

What if they do another Menara Citibank fiasco and lose rm 73 million???

Not possible????

Is such corporate practise even acceptable?

Can they do a corporate fund raiser without knowing their investment targets???


Why can't they decide their investment target and let their minority shareholders know first????

Yeah, and if IOI investors are not happy.....

I wonder what award they got last night!


Where is MSWG?


You know, when you were small, not too long ago, and you wanted some extra pocket money for that new ______ , you would ask your parent yes?

And would our parent just hand us the moolah, without asking why?

And if our parents asked us why... can we turn around and tell our parents "Well Dad, if you are not happy........ "

Can you ever imagine this happening?


Gamelion said...

Why should IOI's Lee need to waste his time answering to unhappy investors when compared to high monetary reward by just talking to the tree ?