Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flashback: 2009 Champions League Final


27 May 2009: Champions League 2009 Final: Barcelona Vs Manchester United

It's been a long time since I wrote a preview.

Tonight's match would be special, I hope.

The best team, the current champions from La Liga, Barcelona, plays the best team, the current champions from Premier League, Manchester United, in Rome.

It should be fun, I reckon.

From an injury perspective or the availability of the first team players, Manchester United is probably the firm favourite.

Let's look at who is missing from Barcelona. Milito and Marquez are out with injury, while Alves and Abidal are both suspended. Alves will be sorely missed! Everyone who watches Barcelona knows so well that Alves offers so much to this Barcelona. And this is very much Barcelona's back four.

And then there is doubt on Iniesta and Henry too.

However, as of now, current indications are both could very likely feature since they both trained. I have a strange feeling that Iniesta would play but not Henry. If Iniesta do not play, Busquest would most likely take his place and sorry, I do not rate Busquet too highly.

United's main doubt is only Rio, although Rio has declared himself fit to play.

So when one talks about strength, it's clear that United has the edge and I do seriously reckon that United should win this.

Here's my reasoning. Both sides attacking options are superb. Both team can score. This is a fact. But when we add in the old adage that defence wins championship, which back four would you choose? Barcelona's back four who are missing all their key players versus United's backfour who could be missing Rio? I would choose United. Which means I believe that United has a better chance to stop Barcelona's attack over Barcelona's ability to stop United's attack. And not forgetting, United had shown that it can use the 4-5-1 formation to do another smash-and-grab job over Barcelona! Can Barcelona do this? I reckon not. Which goes to say, I also do not think Barcelona can defend a lead as well as United. This is simply because this is not Barcelona's style of play.

Yes, I reckon that United should win! :D

As usual, I do hope that I am not flawed.

Anyway, this is the line-up I hope Ferguson would field.

JoS, RioO, Vidic, Evra,
Carrick Anderson
Park Giggs Rooney

It's still very much a 4-5-1 formation with Ronaldo playing the role of lone forward. Parks and Rooney to play on the wings with Giggs sitting in front of Carrick and Anderson. And Anderson to give extra protection for Evra. This is needed for Messi is indeed one great ball player. He is good.

Score prediction: 2-1 United. :D

Man of the match? Wayne Rooney.



Sadly Man United just did not show up for the game! Yes it was utterly disappointing as we did not compete!

Barcelona 2 Manchester United 0

Barcelona is the 2009 Champions League Champions.

They truly deserved it.United played well below par. United DID NOT challenge Barcelona as there were simply too many missed passes made throughout the game. What a shame.

Congratulations to all Barcelona fans.