Monday, May 23, 2011

Impersonator Alert!!!

My blogger profile number is

If you see me post comments on another blog and the numbers do not match, then I am afraid is not me!




See also posting from snowball: Impersonator Alert- If the person does not sounds like me, it is not me..

I think for quite a while whether there is a need to write this post as my time is better spent on doing other things, but, to protect myself, I think it is better to write this post.

Someone, apparently, has been posting under my nickname "snowball" in other financial blogs. If the way that person write is unlike mine, please ascertain whether the profile is this link : . If you click on the nickname "snowball" in the comment, if that person is me, it should redirect you to a profile page with a link to this blog under the "my blog" section.

The internet is a great invention. For one thing, under the cover of anonymity, we tend to give more honest and blunt views, something that social norms prevent us from doing in normal social setting. It is a good feature as we have a more honest discussion about issues. But, this feature of anonymity also unleashed another side of human- the animal side of us that still remains with us after tens of thousands of years of evolution, after all, there are just 5% difference between the DNA of a human and a chimpanzee. Perhaps, the guy that impersonate me has less than 5% difference in DNA with a chimpanzee, that is, he/she is more like a chimpanzee than a human. That's the reason he/she is spreading hatred around the Malaysian financial blogosphere. That's a behaviour from the animal kingdom. He/She is perhaps the "Ibrahim Ali" of Malaysian financial blogosphere.

So, next time, when you read a comment in other blogs that is under my nickname "snowball" that does not sounds like me, please make sure that the "snowball" is the human version not the chimpanzee version.


One other reader of this blog, Mun Wai, unfortunately had been impersonated too. Mun Wai's blog profile is If the profile number does not match , then you should know it's a fake.


Mun Wai said...

This idiot barking again-

To all bloggers in town,

mad cow has just came out with his

U can see he is so nervous now , LOL

Hello mad cow , why so scared about my mail to all bloggers ? I am only telling the truth wat !?

To all, In future, whatever cow stuffs that mailed to u , I will paste the cow link there, u guys click the link & confirm whether my postings are genuine or not ?

Hence, is that a need to put yr blogger profile numbers there ? LOL

Guys, sit there for my newest cow stuffs .

Hi mad cow , whatever calls u make, whether buy or sell, I will keep a records from now onwards , better be more alert ok ?

Dont ever come out lousy call like sell airasia at 2.45 again ! LOL ha ha

ahsiang - known as "吹水 - CHUI SUI" previously said...

haha, i like this one "please make sure that the "snowball" is the human version not the chimpanzee version"

you are too famous already, that's why the chimp want to copy you. :P

Mun Wai said...

Hi Moolah,

Thanks for your alert! I guess you recognise my writing style after the few chats we had.

To the Impersonator,

Just come forth and speak for yourself. Else, it's meaningless.

Moo, sorry for the grumble. Have a nice day :)

Moolah said...

Mun Wai: Not much for IT to speak because IT just used your nick to post spam against me.

Moolah said...

And Mun Wai, everyone grumbles.


Mun Wai said...

Moo, you are such a nice person. (Erratum, nice cow.)

I would have been blacklisted if you had not bother to authenticate.