Friday, May 20, 2011

WOW! A Dear Dali Letter Found On My Blog!

Posting is removed.



Mun Wai said...

Come on, be fair to the Cow. He merely highlights issues of concern. Investment decisions are still left with the readers.

There was not even any outright call yelling "Sell! Sell Now! What are you waiting for?"

We do not pay the Cow to read his write-ups. No one even offer grass on courtesy ground :) (I feel a little guity now! I recently removed grasses beside the car porch and thrown 'em all away!)

Hey Moo, if you decide to charge access fee, I think I have behave decently to earn free access, yes? Thanks for the waiver!

Moolah said...

Mun Wai: The bugger is a historical trouble maker.

I was merely having fun.

Wasn't it absolutely hysterical?

1. He can't count Satu and Dua.

2. He then claims I said sell at 2.45. ( LOL! Where? )

He then came back and said 'u never mention about sell but it is understood that it is not wise to buy airasia at 2.35 '.

So which is which? I said sell at 2.45 or I said it was not wise to buy AirAsia at 2.35?

Which is which?

I guess England Language is a mystery for him.

Or should I get rewarded instead for saying out loud and giving credit to AirAsia back in Aug 2010 instead?


ronnie said...

Dear Moola, Do not bother about KL Investing Blog. He has to focus on other blogs because nobody reads the crap in his. Ha ha.

No one can be right all the time. Keep up the great work.

ST said...

You should ignore idiotic comments.

SalvadorDali said...


i get the same buggers... u should take the post down, no point giving them airtime, that means u care n they succeeded

Moolah said...

Ok. Posting removed. :)