Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bayern Munich 2 Manchester United 1

A ball to Nani on the right wing. A bizarre and the silliest of foul by Demichelis. Nani send the free kick in, and yes I was sure there was a slight of deflection, Rooney checked his run, Demichelis slipped, and Rooney had the easiest of goal in a champions league.


Bayern Munich 0 Manchester United 1.

What a free gift!

That unfortunately became the turning point or rather the pivotal point of the match.

That goal simply blinded Man United and United turned in one of the most abysmal and disappointing Champions League match ever. I am pretty sure United were thinking that it's their divine right to progress to the semis. Rooney, their inspirational star forward, had scored yet another goal and he scored in less than a minute too. This is going to be an easy peasy match. A walk in the park.

Sadly, that gifted goal simply inspired Bayern Munich. No, they were not going to be thrashed in front of their own fans, no, they are not going to let the opportunity of avening their 1999 Champions League defeat slip just like that. After the goal, they were so pumped up, so fired up.

And judging by the way Bayern was playing and more importantly, how below average United was playing, I knew the lead was not going to last. We be lucky to come away with a 1-1 draw. I be happy.

Half time came.

Surprise, surprise... United was still leading 1-0.

Ok, I then thought, maybe Sir Alex can see how poorly we are playing. Maybe he will get his tactics right at half time and maybe United will once again put in a sterling second half performance.

Boy, was I wrong.

We did not play much better and Bayern came out even more aggressive in their play. Perhaps they sense that this was it. Man United is playing way below par tonight.

And luck rewarded them. Nah, I should not use the word luck. Luck has nothing to do with it. Bayern created their own luck and in the 76 minute, Ribbery, who had a really excellent game, drove in a free kick. Ball hit Rooney's bum if I am not mistaken and left Van der Sar stranded. 1-1. Game on.

Yeah.. we did hit the post twice in the match. From a Giggs corner, Vidic drove in an extremely powerful header against the post. And early on, Nani hit the post with an extremely optimistic cross/shot. That was it.

And how ironically that Bayern scored in the very last minute.

Fate eh?

What comes around, goes around.


Richard Cranium said...

And Rooney limped off injured. Bad news for Premier title chase.

Now, maybe us Arsenal fans can hope for a draw with Chelski this weekend?

Moolah said...


Yeahe, a draw would be best in the world for Arsenal.