Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Was Astro Earnings Really So Poor?

The best fit news strikes again!

Could I be wrong by saying so?

Astro All Asia announced its earnings last night.

Here's the screen shot.


Last year, Astro lost a massive 529 million. This year it made a nice small change of 232 million.

Now that's the facts, yes?

How would you describe it? How would anyone describe it in an unbiased opinion?

Is this or is this NOT an incredible turnaround????

Well I was simply shocked and appalled by Business Times title of its article describing Astro's earnings.

Have a look:

Could anyone comprehend what Business Times is doing here?

Yes, Q-Q earnings dropped but was Astro's earnings so bad that Business Times editors decides to use the phrase 'Astro Q4 profit plunges 72pc'?

Yeah, see how it states in bold

  • Pay-Television operator Astro All Asia Networks plc saw its fourth-quarter net profit plunge close to 72 per cent due to higher costs associated with the cessation of the direct-to-home (DTH) business proposal in Indonesia and expenses previously incurred in its development.

Why is Business Times so critical on Astro All Asia???

Oh.. then I remembered... Astro All Asia is being privatised. Surely, the media does not want to put too much attention that Astro All Asia is now doing very, very, very well when compared to its pervious year.

Isn't this another case of best fit news?


Unknown said...

normally...when i see this, not only i will not sell or take up the offer but i will buy more from the mkt......