Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And what about Scomi Marine The Share?


Blogged this morning:
Scomi Marine Disposal Of Assets For A LOSS of RM 433 Million!

Now the disposal of the ASSets were worth some 550 million. ( Who cares about the losses? :P3 )

Last I saw, the stock traded at 47 sen. Up a nice 4 sen. Why? Very simple.

550 million from these assets disposals is more than the market capital of Scomi Marine itself!

See below.... at 47 sen, how much is Scomi Marine's market capital?

True... but what the accounting of the losses?


I dunno. LOL!

Hey stop starring. :P

It's the blardee stock markets and sometimes, on certain days, on certain times, they seem to have a mind of their own. :D

ps: seriously... i have no idea if this stock can make you lose money.

ps/ps: my name is not Sotong.


solomon said...

Moolah, is this a fire sales as if it sound like RM983million asset now selling for RM550 million?

Or the other way round, another old trick by Investment Bankers to transfer asset?

Do u see any reason to sell if the company profit is showing upward trends?

Moolah said...

solomon: regarding the first question...

yes... is it a fire sale?

These assets were purchased when Habib bought assets and businesses from Chuan Hup for 1.3 Billion. That was in 2005. It's now only 2010.

And Scomi Marine is in a hurry to dispose these assets. Why?

And why at a lost?

And yes if theses companies were making good money, why sell at a lost?

And.... if this is not a fire sale... then why?

Tell me why.

Where is the Sotong? You think he knows? :P

kian said...

how on earth loss making still goreng like making huge profit why why tell me why ?

Moolah said...

kian: I don't have Sotong's phone number.