Tuesday, July 06, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Dearest Darling, England LOST!

Dearest Darling,

FIFA World Cup: Dear Wife/ Sweetheart/Girl Friend/ Partner/whomever it may concern,

It's now 6 July. Are you back to your senses yet? How many times do you want to read the sports section? The result is still the same, my dearest. Are you still not aware what has happened in the World of Soccer? The English team you supported, got their ass kicked by the team who you claim that was not that good!

Honey, I am seriously bored with your constant complains about how the referee cheated and the good for nothing FIFA chief, Sepp Blatter.

Honey, I don't care.

England were thrash and they got their butt kicked by the Germans.

Honey, I know you want to watch the reply many, many times and I have lost count how times you have watched the replay.

Look honey, England lost. Get over it. You can watch the replays 50 more times. They still lost. The referee still haven't given Lampard the goal.

So are you over it now? England have lost AGAIN in another World Cup and you just have to accept this fact.

ps: Honey it's now 9 days. I know you are STILL upset. And if you still refuse to get over it, you sure are not getting any sex from me for the rest of the year! And you can go sleep outside with the dog.

ps/ps: It's now the SEMI-FINALS. England have lost!

ps/ps/ps: Do you mind if I support Germany when they play against Spain in the semis? Ozil looks really cute!


solomon said...

England LOST...

If Spain wanted to win, just keep this 2 players guarded ie Lahm and Schwactinger (similiar pronounciation

Moolah said...


Need to go for German spelling classes? :P