Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No News On Bina Puri's One Billion Contract!!

I find it just so incredible.

Yesterday I highlighted the following:
The Edge Weekly Says Bina Puri Won 1 Billion Contract.

Now Bina Puri went up 4 sen or 3.6% on much higher volume.

And then there was ZERO announcements about the contract posted on Bursa website. No queries even.


All I can say or rather repeat is according the Edge Financial Daily article,
Bina Puri up on RM1b contract win report

  • The Edge weekly reported the consortium is said to have secured the third package of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd's new LCCT worth close to RM1 billion.

So what do we have? What can I say? Well, the Edge Weekly reports, stock goes up and the Edge Financial Daily highlights why.

And how funny it is since the 'why' was based on the fact the Edge Weekly itself made the report.

And more strange, since it's a 1 Billion contract, surely Bina Puri would have announced it, right?

How did the Edge Weekly got the news so fast?

According to them sources again?

What sources?

Now I wonder why. Why haven't Bina Puri been queried about that article?

1 Billion contract wo! 1 Billion has tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of 50 dollar bills.

Now if the awarding of the contract is real, how leaked out the news? Did anyone benefit from it?

Now if the awarding of the contract is not real, then who is the sources that leaked out such news to our financial press?