Friday, July 23, 2010

CCB Plunges When No Special Dividend Is Announced

Blogged yesterday: Will We See A Special Dividend From CCB?

Well CCB announced its earnings, gave its usual interim dividend but no SPECIAL dividend.

And needless to say, the stock is getting hammered!


bonny b said...

Dear Moo,
Over the length of yr blog, you have been showing us the no-no's of our bursa. I believe most of us who followed yr writings appreciate it very much, and have benefited much from yr often incisive analysis of bad apples.But,focusing on the negative alone will not make better investors of us.
So, Sifu Moo, will you also in the future be kind enough to share with us yr insights of gems amongst the heap. Yr views will go a long way. Many thanks in advance. Best regards.

Moolah said...

Bonny B: Oh no... please don't call me sifu!!! Serious. Look at the posting on CCB. CCB crashed and burned... in less than 24 hours. LOL!

ps: I am aware that all kung fu sifus... they all tend to 'mati katak' in the movies.... !

ps/ps: will try to post more. Did you read HELP posting recently?

mapsscom said...

i disagree with bonny b.most blogs i visited are encouraging a false sense of fundamental analysis.most of the time,their recommendation are already too late since the price has already gone low and sell high is obviously not their high and sell higher is.
having said that,i hope ze moola wud continue to be the rare breed that he/she is.ze moola comments and insight is all the necessary to balance the other blogs optimism.
bonny b,a better investor is obviously a better judgement of the pro and con.
ze moola,there shud be more honest writers like u.

bullbear said...



ze moola is definitely a HE. The aggressive male hormone is evident and discernable in his writings.


Moolah said...

bullbear: oO !!


Are you okay?

random said...

Sotong oh Sotong which stock to buy?

hhc1977 said...

yeah sotong,

which share to hamtam?

Moolah said...

Sotong when grilled crisply on the BBQ pit and taken with a tinge of wasabe.... is simply...waloehhhh!!!


random said...

i think u watch too much rob rainford