Monday, July 05, 2010

FIFA World Cup: The Last Four

bonny b said...

  • With hindsight, the South Americans were not playing their usual game. Perhaps too much betting money going around? I suspect so cos only part of their respective teams are really trying hard.

    Methinks it'll be Holland/Germany final. What say?

Brazil vs Holland.

I thought the first half, Brazil totally murdered Holland. Yes, in my opinion, Brazil owned Holland totally in the first half and the Dutch were extremely lucky to end the half down just 1-0.

It was street wise soccer played with loads of fouls and needless play acting on couple of occasion by Robben. It was totally disgusting to see a player rolling from his opponent half back to his own half! The play acting in this World Cup is simply shocking and sickening! The slightest touch, the player starts their drama performance. It was so, so sisst! Goodness me! Drama queen or what?

And sensing that the Japanese referee was holding back the yellow cards, the Dutch came out more aggressive in the second half and got away with tons of fouls.

Then the Brazil gave away 2 silly goals and their attempt to come back ended with the moment of insanity by the sub on Robben.

Having said all that, hats off the Wesley Sneijder! He was superb. His skills was back up such utter determination and the will to win! That's the hallmark of a true champion.

Germany? I still hold my reservations. LOL! Sorry I do.

I am NOT going to jump the ship and support this team simply because they have been scoring tons of goals.

IMO, I still think they got more help from their opponents. Wait I am not saying they are lousy but they certainly were made to look so good.

Against England, Capello played 442 against the Germans. That was suicidal as there was no cover for the back and they were not helped by the performance from John Terry. JT mis-judged the air ball for the first goal, making Upson look absolutely like a smuck!

The second? Not mention by most, JT came rushing out against the German player (forgot who) like a headless chicken. That was almost closed to half away line. Did JT needed to make that rash attempt to press the opponent so high up in the field? What was he? A center back, the last I recall. So because JT charged out like a headless chicken, he left a huge, huge hole in the middle, and wham bang thank you maam, Germany were up 2-0. Now if Capello had played a more modern 451 or some prefer calling it a 4-2-3-1, the back four could have gotten more cover.

The last 2 goals? Comical. England had the free-kicks but Germany scored!

Against Argentina, Maradona is not a coach. A good team motivator, yes. And yes, the team would probably die playing for him, but he was not a coach. His was hardly a football tactician who knows which is the best Argentian team. A pity simply because his country had so much talent.

How did Argentia lined up against Germany? He had Higuain up front flanked by the two wingers Di Maria and Maxi. Messi and Teves played behind Higuan. And this fantasy attacking line up was held by one Mascherano. Against lesser teams, like North Koreans, such a line-up would simply blow away the opponents. Against a lesser rigid teams like Germany, such a line-up was simply a luxury!

Germany got their deserved lead early. It was a superb free kick and Muller finished it superbly.

For the next hour or so, I thought Argentina was the slightly better team. And no, at that moment Argentina did not look like a team who was going to lose 4-0 at all. Germany got the second from counter attacking football after the hour, when Argentina chasing the game, Maradona got impatient. He urged for the equaliser. He wanted the equaliser. He wanted to show to the world, he's the football coach of a great Argentina team. And as he pushed his team more forward, he ultimately exposed his team at the back. And as seen in the England match previously, this Germany can play good counter attack football and they did just when Klose scored of the counter attack to put Gemany 2-0! Maradona then brought on more attackers and needless to say, the rest was history!

Yes, Germany deserved the win but I thought Maradona got his tactics wrong.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was clearly Germany best player.

So the final 4. Uruguay versus Holland and Spain versus Germany.

Holland will undoubtedly be the firm favourites. The Dutch is more organised, with less flair. Uruguay has this raw potential which I liked. And Diego Forlan is one the players who shone in this year's World Cup. I reckon, Forlan represents the Uruguayan team spirit and I am rooting for him to beat the Dutch.

Spain versus Germany would be a much better match. Yeah it should be more exciting. Xavi Alonso verus Bastian Schweinsteiger! That would be the key battle where the game is won or lost.

2 matches to win the World Cup!

Who will it be?

I dunno but I am rooting for Uruguay and Diego Forlan!


ps: The Nike's Write The Future curse. Didn't all that was featured failed this summer? Co-incidence? Or a curse? :P

ps/ps: Spains were sort-of-featured in it... but... they were featured as losers... hmmmmmm....hmmmmmmm


random said...

goooo Spain!!

Fab will start in place of Torres

Moolah said...

Fab start in place of Torres?



random said...

Fabregas :P

Moolah said...

He's gonna play right outside? Or Left outside?

random said...

play in the hole