Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Incredible Statement From Kenmark Once Again

On 10th July 2010: Star Business carried the following article: Kenmark MD Hwang makes news in UK

Now the Star article was based on the Evning Telegraph:
Kenmark will not close down – chairman

  • Now chairman and managing director James Hwang has said that the firm is not in trouble, and has confirmed that two winding up orders mentioned in previous Evening Telegraph articles referred only to a dormant company, and not to Kenmark in Corby.

    Mr Hwang said:
    "I have never closed the operation in the UK and I have no intention to close the operation in the UK.

    "The company is not subject to a winding-up order and no creditor has filed such an order. The company will continue production of televisions at Corby.

    "We have a company called Kenmark International (UK) Limited which was a dormant company and it is currently being wound up, not Kenmark Interntional Limited. This may have caused some confusion."

    Mr Hwang said he also hopes that the firm can eventually expand its operations in the town.
Today, on Bursa website, Kenmark posted the following announcement: KENMARK INDUSTRIAL CO (M) BHD (“Kenmark”) - STAR Article dated 10 July 2010 entitled “Kenmark MD Hwang makes news in UK”

  • With reference to the above article, the Directors wish to clarify that the company and operations in United Kingdom as mentioned in the news article is not related to Kenmark and there are no business dealings with it.

    The above statement is made on the collective approval of the Malaysian Directors of the Kenmark only, namely Dato’ Abd Gani bin Yusof, Mr Ho Soo Woon, En Ahmed Azhar bin Abdullah and Mr Woon Wai En.

    This announcement is dated 13 July 2010.

I am baffled. So here is a really, really, stupid question (do you reckon I should ask the Sotong?): "Where is James Hwang?"

Yeah, see how James Hwang can talk freely to the Evening Telegraph in regards to Kenmark International Limited operations in the UK... but ... but... how about him showing up back here.. and answer a question or two?