Friday, July 16, 2010

The Markets And Fund Flows

Let's see...

On the 2nd July SP500 was at 1022.58.
Last night, on the 15th July, SP500 closed at 1096.48.


The index went up, up and away. Soared like an eagle. :D

Yeah the low volume or the lack of interest is noted in the equities is noted.

Maybe them small investors know nuts. Maybe they are in a panic mode.

But panic mode when the market goes up?

Hmmm..... would this make sense?

Let's check out the fund flows, ie, are the Americans putting more money in this latest run?

Before I check, the 'older' recent postings on fund flows have been noted in the following postings..

  • Equity funds had estimated outflows of $4.23 billion for the week, compared to estimated outflows of $216 million in the previous week. Domestic equity funds had estimated outflows of $4.12 billion, while estimated outflows from foreign equity funds were $112 million.

From the data, Americans pulled out some 4.23 billion from equities for the period ending 7th July!

That was the week, the US markets flew up, up and away!

And as you can see from the table, this week was the highest outflow week, compared to the previous four weeks.

Hmmm.... pulling money out of the long term funds when the market is going up????

Maybe they are silly.... but .... what if they aren't?