Monday, July 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup Final: The Thugs Lost!

The thugs lost!



Moolah said...

ps: It was DISGUSTING when Iniesta waved imaginary yellow card late in the match.

( that card (although a well deserved second booking) was Heitinga's second yellow card of the match )

Moolah said...

ps/ps: Is Sepp Blatter Spanish or what???

What on earth is he doing smack in the center of the Spanish victory pictures?????

Moolah said...

ps/ps/ps: Nike Write The Future Curse was spot ON!


Moolah said...

ps/ps/ps/ps: Where is 'Paul'ie?

Ask 'Paul'ie why is Dutch Lady up a huge 40 sen (3%) now?

Moolah said...

ps/ps/ps/ps/ps: Only 15 cards?

Howard was far too generous?

1. How could De Jong's kick into Alonso's chest not be a RED?

2. Why wasn't Robben not being shown a second yellow? Robben kickedg the ball into the net after being whistled offside, not deemed a bookable offense?

Moolah said...

ps: He came from Uruguay, he made the scousers cry......


Diego Wins Golden Ball

Moolah said...

ps/ps: This has to be one of the worst matches!!

bonny b said...

Dear Moo,
Someone just commented that this finals made the bookies rich cos bets are made on full 90mins play,n Spain won in extra time. So, Paul the calamari works for bookies after all???
btw, treat this game as just that..too much book-making has soured it long ago...

Moolah said...

bonny: Rather funny. Everytime punters lose a bet, they claim the match is fixed. :P

ps: Paul the sotong? LOL!

ps/ps: I fear the Nike curse.

watch the clip again... Rooney does well... Spanish players were in disgust... stock market soars!

Rooney does poorly... Spanish players are now very happy... and how about the stock markets?