Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mercedes Selling Like Hot Cakes!

On Business Times:

  • Mercedes-Benz H1 sales jump 29pc

    Published: 2010/07/22

    SALES of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Malaysia accelerated 29 per cent in the first six months of 2010 to 2,417 units compared with only 1,869 units sold previously.

    In a statement, Mercedez-Benz Malaysia said it recorded an increase in all three-flagship luxury passenger car segments namely the Mercedes-Benz C, E and S classes.

    "The outstanding first half sales performance is testament to Mercedes-Benz being the brand of choice amongst discerning Malaysians," said president and chief executive Peter Honegg.

    He said stronger economic conditions has contributed positively to the automotive industry as a whole and has been one of the factors for the company's performance.

    "This has been the best half year performance to date," he said, noting the latest statistics set the company apart from the rest as the leading luxury car brand.

    The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, leads the premium automaker's passenger car sales with 1,097 units sold compared with 857 units in the first half of 2009 registering an impressive 28 per cent growth, buoyed by the introduction of C200 and CGI C250 Blue Efficiency earlier this year.

    The company is expected to introduce the new Cabriolet in the E-Class segment soon.

    "Leading products and brands are essential components of an explicit premium strategy - which is exactly the strategy we are pursuing at Mercedes-Benz," Honegg said.

    Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia vice-president of sales and marketing Florian Mueller said the company hopes to register more positive results in the near future.

    "We are currently offering our customers more environment-friendly vehicles in each segment," he said.

    The company said it will work closely with dealers to extend the high standards that all Mercedes-Benz customers are accustomed to so that brand loyalty is always at a high.


Wasn't quite expecting this!


JCK said...

Looks like our rich gettin richer while the poor geeting the short end.....

Richard Cranium said...

Actually, the sales of Mercedes Benzes in Malaysia is a leading indicator of the level of corruption.

Don't believe me? If you can get a list of the buyers, you'll find a heck of a lot of public servant types.