Saturday, July 17, 2010

S&P Fell 2.88% On Much Higher Volume

The S&P lost some 31 pts or 2.88% yesterday.

The volume issue again stood out.

I would like to update the figures posted in the posting: Market Goes Up Again Despite The Lack Of Interest

1. The Flash Crash happened on 6 May 2010. Volume on that day is 10,617,809,600.

2. Average traded volume for 2010 is 5,068,325,849. ( data source:
here )

3. The recent closing and traded volume..

The bigger down days were marked with pink.

What do you see? What I do see? Well, my eyes might be flawed but I can see on these pink days, the volumes are much higher. And when the market goes up, it goes up on small volume and more interesting is the fact that the average traded volume this year is 5,068,325,849 and if you look at current July data, every time the SP goes up, the volume is significantly lower than the average traded volume. And when it goes down, the big volume appears again.

Push up on light volume so that can sell on heavier volume... and repeat... and repeat... and repeat?

ps: The Baltic did not fall yesterday! :D