Monday, June 21, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Cheating Scumbag Keita Spoils Brazilian Samba


1st Goal

2nd Goal

* That was not one handball but two handball.. yes? *

And Keita? Bloody hell... he had disgraced the Ivory Coast in front of millions and millions of sporting fans. This was utterly shambolic!

He barges into Kaka and then falls like a bloody sissy or pondan! WTF!

Sportsmanship at its ugliest!

And if FIFA has any integrity left, it should ban Keita from football indefinately!

Comeon.. wtf... 3-1... 88th minute... game's lost... why on earth does he want to do that? Especially to a player like Kaka?

Felt so disgusted!

Keita act of shame!


Daud said...

that ivory coast guy should be banned for life. after all you don't want a pu**y/pondan/katoi playing football with a bunch of guys.

random said...

a real disgrace wtf