Thursday, June 17, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Omar Hitzfeld and Switzerland Shows The World That Spain Is Beatable!

The World Cup finally came alive... for me.

The Hondorus vs Chile match was quite a bore... but thank goodness for Chilean attacking midfielder, Alexis Sanchez, who plays for Udinese.

Here is a clip of him.

Then game the match everyone was waiting for. As you know, the World Cup has been rather awful and everyone was waiting for Spain to play and show the World Cup why they are strong favourites. As stated in the posting 2010 FIFA World Cup Star Player Prediction!, I had a strange feeling Spain would disappoint, and they did just that.

With coach Vicente del Bosque electing not to start Torres, Spain lacked that something special to win. Yes, they created countless openings in the match but they had no finishing. The Spanish movement was slick, especially Iniesta. A joy to watch but they just could not score. Once Switzerland scrambled in their goal, a goal which was bizarrely comical to say the least, del Bosque finally brought in Torres.

Spain was missing Torres but Torres was missing his form!!

Torres looked so out of sort, and I would dare say many thanks to Rafa Benetiz's last horrific management of Liverpool. I felt Torres had a worn out and horrible season, a season plagued with injuries, saddled with Liverpool's poor form. And sadly, it appeared to me, Torres came on as an out-of-sorts Liverpool player and not as a Spanish warrior!

Torres had one great chance, he slickly turned a defender right at the penalty spot, magically giving him that space in the penalty spot. Right at the penalty box and one would have bet the house that Torres would score but sadly his shot was .... lame, straight at the keeper!! At his peak, Torres would have buried that opportunity without a shadow of a doubt.

Then there was a headed cross from David Villa to Torres. And Torres, who was right in front of goal was shockingly slow to react to the chance, a chance he would have buried yet again when he was on form. The cameras then caught David Villa reaction. Villa simply looked bewildered. Torres did not even move!

Oh yeah, Alonso did hit a cracker against the post but so did Switzerland.

And Switz coach, Omar Hitzfeld, showed the world why he's still one of the top coach. Bravo!

Yeah, Diego Forlan scored a brace as Uruguay beat South Africa. I fell asleep! LOL!

But it's good to see that happen. I did not like how South Africe played. They chose to play on the counter attack. Very negative. Glad to see them lose!