Saturday, June 19, 2010

FIFA World Cup: England Were Rubbish!

Oh gawd! Yet another typical horrific performance by England and here's the good news for France.... here's another team as bad as you.

Seriously? It was a torture watching them last night. Absolute torture. If you thought the USA match was poor, this one beats it hands down.

So where should I start?

Rooney was pathetic last night. Yes, he was! And to think I thought he could be one of the possible star of the World Cup. Perhaps he has not been the player since he was injured but his touches were so poor. Goodness me. He was absolutely terrible.

Was Rooney the only player that was poor last night?

Sadly no.

The whole English team were shambolic!

They could not even make simple passes. That was how bad England was.

At this rate, it would need a miracle just to even qualify for the round of 16!


random said...

yeah its too bad.. now they might not even qualify.. and this is supposed to be an "easy" group!

solomon said...

Soft Leg Crab? I believe not Rooney will shine even the team still could survive. No will to play at all compared to US which come back from 2-0.

Brown cow, which is favourite after the team had played their 1st match?

Kris said...

Wasted my time staying up late watching the lousy match.

I guess they dont play hard enough..scare of injury that might hamper their lucrative career at premier league??

My pick is either Argentina or German.