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KNM: I Just Love The Way The Boss Talks!

I just love how the boss talk.

Which boss? This one.

And yeah... talk is always free when supply is more than demand. :P

  • KNM order backlog may swell to RM3b

    By Zuraimi Abdullah Published: 2010/06/24

    KNM Group Bhd (7164), an export-oriented process equipment manufacturer, has hinted that its order backlog will swell to more than RM3 billion this year from RM2.1 billion currently.

    "Our (order) replenishment will be higher in 2010. We now have an order backlog of RM2.1 billion. In 2009, the market was very bearish, but we were still able to get an order intake of RM1.5 billion," managing director Lee Swee Eng said.

MAY is such a nice three little word.

Wait I have to declare the following postings..

  1. Oh KNM, Can You Please Buyout The Company At 90 Sen?
  2. I Just Like KNM So So So Much
  3. Why I Like KNM Even So Much More Today!
  4. Why I Also Like KNM A Whole Lot

Anyway.. bottom line is KNM current order book stands at 2.1 Billion and he hopes to get it to 3 Billion.

Now as it is... it does look like a simple clean statement but...but... but... if you do simple search.. you will see... clearly... why I LOVE the way he talks!

29 June 2007: KNM to ramp up capacity

  • Lee said the group's current order book stood to RM1.74bil, pushing its factory average utilisation rate to more than 80%. Most of these jobs would be completed within 18 months

7 Dec 2007: KNM to buy rival for RM2bil

  • KNM told the analysts that the group’s current order book value had expanded 19% from end-September to RM2.5bil currently. The jobs usually take an average 18 months to complete. Oil and gas made up 47% of its order book, followed by petrochemicals 28% and minerals 17%, while the rest were from various sources.

5 Feb 2008: KNM to raise RM2.2bil

  • Meanwhile, Lee also told StarBiz that KNM's current order book stood at about RM2.8bil, while bids valued at RM11bil had been submitted. “So, prospects are looking very bright for us,” he said.

31 Mar 2008: KNM sees Borsig as a jewel in the crown

  • The German manufacturer will bring in an order book of RM1.5bil to KNM's existing RM2.4bil.

hmm... 1.5 bil + 2.4 bil = 3.9 Bil hor.

7 Aug 2008: KNM gets overseas orders worth RM463mil

  • KNM has an outstanding order book of about RM4.2bil and is bidding for RM20bil worth of projects.

13 Oct 2008: KNM sticks to target despite slowdown

  • “We’re confident of servicing our interest payments and paring down debts,” he told StarBiz, adding that its order book was some RM4.7bil.

Yeah... despite the slowdown.. boss talks... and talks... of being confident..

30 Jan 2009: Job orders to slow for KNM

  • KNM Group Bhd expects the replenishment of its order book to slow down due to the weaker economic conditions.According to managing director Lee Swee Eng, customers are re-evaluating their budgets, including the value of tenders, due to the slump in raw material and commodity prices.“They want the effect of lower raw material prices to flow back into the contracts. The normal conversion cycle was three to six months but it is now slowing down to six to nine months,” he told StarBiz in an interview.

errr... long article... but KNM .... the boss... he talk... I like... just say expect order book to slow down... but if my eyes not faulty, I don't think I saw boss say current order book then how much! I wonder why.

20th Feb 2009: 20-02-2009: KNM: Order book stands at RM3.9b

  • KUALA LUMPUR: KNM Group Bhd’s total order book secured to date is about RM3.9 billion while it had received compensation for the cancellation of two supply contracts, the company said. In reply to a query from Bursa Malaysia, KNM said its unit, KNM Process Equipment Inc was compensated by Petro-Canada Oil Sands Inc over the cancellation of a contract to supply columns and pressure vessels totalling RM18.78 million. KNM also said its unit FBM Hudson Italiana SpA — whose supply of feed and effluent heat exchangers amounting to RM58.28 million was also cancelled by Petro-Canada Oil Sands — had also been compensated...

ok.. they got compensated... but order book is now only 3.9 billion. Oct 2008 it was 4.7 billion! I wonder if this cancellation of contracts was known in Jan 2009 or even earlier.

28 May 2009: KNM Sees Signs of Contract Pickup After Crude Rally (Update2 ...

  • “Our guys are becoming very busy again,” managing director Lee Swee Eng said in a phone interview yesterday. “Not busy taking orders, but busy starting to discuss. Customers are starting to restart their projects.”Exploration projects become more commercially viable the higher oil prices climb, bringing in business for contractors. A 40% jump in crude prices this year has helped KNM shares more than double in the same period, reversing a tumble in 2008.It’s not clear now long it will take for these new oil and gas exploration proposals to translate into new contracts, Lee said. He declined to disclose the value of KNM’s order book, which in March was RM3.9 billion. The company will release first-quarter results this week, he said.

Huhu... his guys are busy again... hmm... they were very free earlier? :P

But... the key sentence... he DECLINED to disclose the value of KNM order book.

LOL! Why ah?

10 June 2009: KNM's MD sells 63.65m shares - The Edge Malaysia

Huhu.... my hero dumps 63.65 million worth of shares.... no wonder... new reports had continued to say that he declined to disclose KNM current order book!

1 Sep 2009: KNM Group 1H09 within expectations but analysts' views still mixed

  • Also, as at June 2009, its order book and tender book were a robust RM2.8 billion and RM14 billion respectively, it said.

Huhu....KNM order book is now only 2.8 billion. No wonder... all the silence from the boss! See he's so smart (that's why he my hero) and sold 63 million shares.... btw.. that one line comment was from my favourite research house comments. OSK Research. See they so clever paint the nice picture to the investing market and said KNM's order book were a robust 2.8 Billion.

See it doesn't matter. 2.8 Billion is 2.8 Billion.

It certainly doesn't matter that less than a year ago, the order book was at 4.7 Billion.

it doesn't matter.

OSK said it was robust.

11 Jan 2010: source: here

  • Order book is down to RM2.2 billion (previously RM2.7 billion), mainly due to project completion while tender book is maintained at RM14 billion thus far. At their historical burn rate of RM500 million per quarter, existing contracts will still last them throughout the year; good enough to tie them down for 2010, as they await contract flows to improve.

So today, KNM finally declared to the investing public and me... that it's order book is only 2.1 Billion.

And oh... it MAY swell to 3 Billion.

Question is..... are you impressed?


update: 2:17 pm.

I just realised the Edge carried the following article: KNM open to possibility of another privatisation


Taukeh lang... how muchie? Yaloh.. this time how muchie you want to offer us?


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