Saturday, June 26, 2010

FIFA World Cup: So far...

Phew! The group stages was awful! This was supposed to be the World Cup? Best teams in the world?

48 matches played. 101 goals scored and if you insist, that's 2.1 goals per match. Stats looked not bad but has the World Cup been exciting for you?

Has it been one that made you go..... fuyoooooooooohhhhh?!!

The closest and most exciting match was the second half between Slovakia and Italy.

The rest? Pretty poor.

Time for Africa? Wakakaka? Yeah right on.

I hope things do get better but judging from the Brazil/Portugal match, it is apparent that we could see teams playing in the knockout stages play not too lose. Yes, don't lose, don't get beaten. That's the key! That's the objective!

Which is why, I believe that the dreaded penalty kicks could play a decisive role in this year's World Cup.

Best player so far? Messi by miles.

Most attractive team to watch (lol.. I guess this means the most attack minded teams) is Argentina and Spain.

Most organised and disciplined? Brazil. (Portugal comes close. )

Flair versus team work and discipline? It has to be .... team work.

Yeah Brazil should win it.

But hey... I have not jump ship. Still ... trying... to find a reason to cheer for ........ England.



random said...

yay ingerlund

lets hope it wont come down to penalties o.O

Moolah said...

England do have a chance to beat Germany. :D

Richard Cranium said...

*ahem* England sucks.

Moolah said...

*ahem* understatement or what? :P