Friday, June 25, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Poetic Justice

Both the 2006 World Cup Finalist are out! France is out and Italy is out!

So the French got toasted and went home utterly disgraced but wasn't it poetic justice after Theirry Henry's utter handball cheat? Yup, for me, they clearly did not deserve to be in the final. They cheated to get to South Africe. Now they go home all disgraced.

Last night game between Slovakia and Italy was one of the most exciting matches of the World Cup and what was incredible was that I was flipping the channels like mad! At the very same time, when Italy looked all out at 2-0, they pulled one back, which meant all they needed was a goal. Then Slovakia scored another one. I thought the Italians were surely out. At very time, the epic tennis match was on the other channel! How could I not watch that tennis match when the score was 65-all? That feat would never, ever be repeated again. Trust me.

So here I was, flipping the channels like mad. Then incredibly, the Italians pulled another goal back. Down 3-2. There was still time to score another one and they actually did but unfortunately the goal was ruled offside!

But let me say this, as nail biting exciting as it was, the play acting from Slovakia was at its worst. It was really, really a pain to watch! Come on FIFA do something about all these play acting nonsense! This is not soccer!

Then I thought about the French toast again.

Hmm... what did the Italians do to the French in that final? remember the head butt from Zidane?

Ahaaa.... last night, Slovakia had obviously learned from the Italians! They dived and they feinted injuries but this time, the Italians, the masters, was at the receiving end!

Poetic justice.

That's all I would say.


David Koay said...

I keep on laughing reading your posts..hehe. You really have a sense of humour..

random said...

the tennis match was crazy.. 11 hours in total iinm

Hilmi said...

FIFA is like a dinosaur when it comes to amending rules, especially for time wasting, bad refereeing, etc. France wouldn't have been here had FIFA used the latest technology available & Kaka wouldn't have been sent off either. Come on FIFA, wake up & learn from the Americans & their use of action replays, 7 umpires, etc. in the NFL.

Moolah said...

FIFA is simply HOPEless. :(