Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FIFA World Cup: Pretty Awful World Cup So Far..

What do I think of the World Cup so far?

Awful.. awful... real awful!

Last night was supposed to be exciting. Comeon.. it was Ivory Coast played Portugal and then you have Brazil versus North Korea.

Many stars were playing last night.

Yeah, they were supposedly to be stars but based on last night's performance, no!

Ronaldo had a moment or two but it was a really poor performance from both teams. And the Portuguese, don't they realise that football is a team sport? Why are they all playing for themselves?

Brazil game in the firsl half was such a torture. My gawd!

Kaka's certainly looked out of form... ok the goal from Maicon looked superb but from that angle, was it a wise move to shoot for goal? Ok, the pass for Robinho to set up the second goal for Elano was superb but that's about it.

Yeah, New Zealand got a draw but honestly that was such an awful game.


Maybe Spain could provide us with some real football tonight.

And the best clip I could offer today on the World Cup?

How to get Americans (USA) to watch Football during 2010 FIFA World Cup


bonny b said...

Dear Moo,
Dont be disappointed. Its always the same every time the world cup starts. In the beginning, everyone is cautious, do not risk injury. The fun starts in 2nd round onwards. Just keep watching...n hv fun

Moolah said...

Hey bonny, which team do you support? :D

Market Blogger said...

Dear Moo,

Bonny is right. In the beginning, everyone is cautious, not risking injury and pacing themselves and maybe hiding their talents (secret weapon?!)Then in 2nd round onwards, the game truly begins. Btw, I gave up supporting any team, just enjoy the matches and the fun for a mth.

Moolah said...

Market Blogger: Thanks for sharing your views. :D

bonny b said...

Dear Moo,
I do not support any special team. But am biased towards certain S American teams, and also certain Euro teams like Holland. Reason is that I simply enjoy mid-field attack style where individual skill displays its best. British style of running ball down the sideline before centering seems too speculative..u know la, us fundamentalists dont like that. Rgds